Facade Tectonics Forum: MINNEAPOLIS

Phase Change: Transformations in Facade Design, Engineering and Fabrication

Facade Tectonics Forum: MINNEAPOLIS was held on Monday, April 15, 2019. For a recap of the event, please read the press release.

Some of the speaker presentations are available to view and download. To access these presentations, please click on the respective session in the program schedule below.


Minnesota has a unique and profound impact on the trajectory of contemporary facades. It’s an epicenter of expertise in architectural glass, curtainwall systems, metal cladding, and kinetic enclosures. Its extreme climate promotes rigorous technical thinking and innovations in enclosure design. It’s bold outlook has welcomed landmark architecture from architects around the world. And the complexity of work flowing through Minnesota has generated highly sophisticated practices that transform the shape of facade design and technology in a changing world.

Join the Facade Tectonics Institute as we touch down in Minneapolis for a regional Forum that brings together architects, engineers, fabricators, and academics to confront four themes central to the ever-evolving facade: energy-efficiency and sustainability, digital technology, kinetic and dynamic components, and material evolution.



Monday, April 15