WKSP: Imagining Future Innovative Facades

This workshop will concentrate on the design potentials and technologies for future facades. The workshop will dig into the field of new materials and technologies to be adapted to facades as principles and/or systems.

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The workshop will explore these following questions:

  • Are industry and nature ahead of facade technologies?
  • What are the roles of performance-based design and new technologies in innovative building skins?
  • Are the building facades our skin or our clothing?
  • Do materials follow form?
  • How do new fabrication methods influence facade design?

The participants will learn about innovative facade designs and technologies, and will apply this knowledge in an exploratory design exercise.


A prize will be awarded to the best project of each theme (maximun 3 prizes).


  1. total façade! Imagine, everything can be digitally fabricated – printed, milled etc. What would the total functionality of a façade, what kind of fully integrated performance would you like to get?
  2. total energy! Harvesting of energy can be discussed in various ways – but how to store and use the energy? This theme focuses on the decentralized energy collection and storage concepts, being integrated in the building envelope.
  3. towards new performances! The amount of new construction is limited, most building do exist – but perform bad. How can this be significant changed – how can new facades help to serve qua energy consumption and human centered performance better?

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Workshop registration is open to all professionals(Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers) registered for the Facades World Congress 2020. Groups of 3 to 4 members. Minimum 4 groups, maximum 10 groups (Maximum 40+ people)


Ulrich Knaack

TU Delft

Ajla Aksamija

Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bill Marshall

President, Estudio Marshall & Asociados SA