Preview Night Reception

Join us as we kick off the 2020 World Congress with a special reception and networking event open to the public including poster presentations, book signings, and the partially opened expo hall.

Admission is free, but registration is required.

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Poster Presentations

The following posters will be presented as part of the first-ever World Congress Poster Gallery:

  • Specially Formulated Acoustic PVB Improves Sound Control
    Vaughn Schauss, Kuraray
  • The Role of Heat Reflective Coating on Façade Thermal Performance
    Roja Rastegar, Jae Chang, Mario Medina
  • Curved Articulating Facade
    Roger Schroeder
  • Thermal Safety: Data driven design for the built environment.
    Shreshth Nagpal, Andrew Reilman
  • Impact of Thermal Bridges in Whole Building Energy Simulation
    Kwong Kristy, Mohammad Abbasi
  • Recladding a mid-century modern icon for the 21st-century workplace
    Katherine Bojsza, Christopher Jend
  • Shaping Skin: Pushing—and Pulling—the Envelope
    John Neary, Victoria Ereskina Elliot Glassman, Laurin Mosely, Tasfia Amir, Taylor Hernandez, Rafia Amin, Davit Khomasuridze
  • A development of transparent retrofit window film for indoor/outside environment
    Masayuki Ichinose
  • Air Spaces Changed Everything: Sometimes Materials are Immaterial
    Gerry Lang, Judith Geher
    Daniel Nauman, Leonardo Marigal, Jessica Santonastaso
  • Intelligent strategies of kinetic façades for daylight and energy performance evaluation
    Chenxi Yang, Kyle Konis, Yujie Jin, Ni Jiao
  • The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures - Los Angeles
    Timo Buehlmeier
  • FRP sunshades
    Alex Cox, Melissa Berry, Andrew Harmon, Andrew Gosch, David Green
  • Balancing Cost, Risk and Reliability for Structural Use of Glass
    Richard Green, PE

Book Signing

All authors will have books available for purchase at the book signing.

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Principal, AYON Studio Architecture and Preservation

Uta Pottgiesser, PhD

Chair of Heritage & Technology, TU Delft

Vaughn Schauss


Roja Rastegar

PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Kansas

Roger Schroeder

Consultant/Lecturer, Alfred State College

Shreshth Nagpal

Principal, Elementa Engineering

Kwong Kristy

Building Performance Analyst, WSP

Katherine Bojsza

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

John Neary


Masayuki Ichinose

Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Gerry Lang, OAA, AIA, TSA, FTI M.Arch, B.Arch.

Senior Associate, Facades Leader, Architects Alliance

Daniel Nauman

Senior Associate, Gensler

Chenxi Yang

Graduate student, USC School of Architecture

Timo Bühlmeier


Alex Cox

Marketing Communications Manager, Permasteelisa

Richard Green, PE

Façade Designer, Engineer and Consultant, Green Facades LLC